I was in search of some guidance for a few investments I had made years ago as well as some tuition savings for my girls college fund. I was introduced to Carl Stryker through a mutual friend. We asked him to do a thorough review of our current Life insurance policies as well as college planning for our girls, and if we weren’t maximizing our money to please guide us on the right path.
One of the most important issues he and his firm, Retiree Plans Inc enlightened us on was the importance of both parents of young children being properly insured, so if a tragedy occurs, the children are well taken care of.
By repositioning premium dollars, we were able to not only properly insure ourselves and set up college funding for the children but also begin retirement saving for them as well as a plan for our personal retirement.
In my 26 year career as a healthcare provider I have had experience with several “Financial Planner/advisors”. I honestly have not had great experiences to date and frankly was not enthusiastic about this meeting. Carl changed the playing field dramatically! He is not only extremely knowledgeable but came to the meeting very well prepared. He had done an incredible amount of “homework” before ever meeting with us. The meeting was very informational and an absolute pleasure. Carl seemed to answer our every one of our questions before we had an opportunity to ask. Planning should not be difficult or complex, and Carl Stryker and Retiree Plans, Inc made it easy to understand.
Do yourself and your future as favor….Call Carl!  

- Gordon and Jessie M.


 I met Carl Stryker in 2004 in Hiawassee, Georgia when he came to our home to talk to us about Long Term Care Insurance. Being involved in Geriatric nursing, my partner and I were aware of how important Long Term Care Insurance is.
Carl helped us choose the best Long Term Care policy for us and helped us get approved for the coverage.
Carl later talked to us about our Retirement accounts and showed us how to have our savings grow safely and provide an income stream for our later years.
Since then, Carl has helped me with my Medicare coverage and set up annuities to lower my taxes and provide financial safety and security for me.
I trust Carl and his firm, Retiree Plans Inc, to handle my insurance needs and I would recommend him to everyone.  

- Marilee W Tarpon Springs, FL


 We met Carl Stryker at a workshop/dinner that he hosted in Mount Vernon, WA several years ago.
The information he presented was interesting and timely to us, as we had experienced the ups and downs of the stock market over our lifetime and were looking for safe alternatives.
Carl and his firm, Retiree Plans, Inc. have worked with us ever since, and the feeling of security and safety that we have makes our lives even better.
We trust Carl and appreciate everything he does for us.
We would recommend Carl Stryker to anyone who wants an advisor that will listen to you and help you make the right choices.  

- Bob & Debbie R Mount Vernon, WA


 My parents both bought Long Term Care insurance through Carl Stryker years ago. My mother passed away, fortunately never needing Long Term Care. At that time, my father’s premiums were paid up, due to how Carl wrote their policies. Three years ago, my father started developing a severe form of dementia and eventually required a year of assisted living care, 100% paid by his Long-Term Care insurance. Thank goodness for my parents smart planning.  
- Pamela M. - Marietta, GA


 We bought our policies through my husband’s workplace, with Retiree Plans conducting the enrollment. The simple and professional explanation allowed my husband and I to decide on a plan right for us. My husband developed cancer and required care in our home before he passed away. I feel secure knowing I’m protected.  
- Gina L. - Portland, OR


 After my husband died, I was referred to Retiree Plans by a friend. She said Retiree Plans would help me decide on the right Long-Term Care plan, because I was so confused. The presentation was easy to understand, and I never felt pressured. Since I purchased my Long Term Care insurance, I’ve referred several of my friends to Carl Stryker.  
- Sonja O. - Blairsville, GA


 I did not think I could afford Long Term Care insurance, then I met Carl Stryker. He showed me a new way to cover myself, using a Long-Term Care Annuity. I have no out of pocket cost, and if I never need Long Term Care, my daughters will get the money back.  
- Ralph J. - Everett, WA